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Welcome to the New Trendz Barbering Academy

Our mission is to provide students with the proper foundation to becoming a professional licensed barber/stylist in The South and North Carolina Areas. Our goal is to elevate skills and prepare students with effective communication skills to becoming a well rounded licensed barber. It is our desire to see our students running a successful business in this industry.

Meet Our Director/Instructor

Lynn Jones started in the beauty industry in the late 90s. She always had the desire to “do hair”. After my son completed 5th grade, in my mid-thirties, I enrolled in Beauty School. My desire and determination lead me to finishing less than a year.

New Trendz Student Testimonials

Master Hair Care Specialist Program

The master hair specialist program that we provide at New Trendz Barbering Academy consist of beautifying the face, hair, and skin. After completing all the courses, you will then be licensed. You will have the ability to do everything a cosmetologist practices as well as shaving and clipping cutting.