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barbers in the Carolinas

Our mission is to provide a strong foundation, elevate skills, and instill effective communication for well-rounded licensed professionals. We aspire to see our graduates thrive in successful businesses within the industry.

New Trendz Barbering Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum, guiding students through haircutting techniques, hairstyling proficiency, shaving, and facial hair design. Emphasizing effective communication, client consultation, and hygiene practices, we aim to produce well-rounded barbers. Our program also covers essential aspects of business management, preparing graduates to confidently operate successful ventures in the evolving field of grooming.

Meet the owner

Lynn Jones

Lynn Jones entered the beauty industry in the late 90s, driven by a persistent passion for hairstyling that had always lingered within her. Fueled by the aspiration to “do hair,” she took a significant step in her mid-thirties, enrolling in Beauty School after her son completed the 5th grade. Despite the challenges of juggling family responsibilities and educational pursuits, Lynn’s unwavering desire and determination propelled her to complete the program in less than a year. This transformative experience not only marked a personal achievement but also underscored her commitment to turning a lifelong passion into a fulfilling career in the beauty and hairstyling realm.

In the upcoming testimonial video, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from a diverse group of individuals whose lives have been truly transformed by their experiences at New Trendz Barbering Academy. These testimonials go beyond mere words; they encapsulate the profound impact our program has had on the personal and professional journeys of our students. From expressing their initial aspirations to detailing the skills they’ve acquired, each testimonial is a testament to the dedication and effectiveness of our educational approach. Join us in celebrating the success stories, diverse paths, and shared passion for excellence that make New Trendz Barbering Academy a unique and empowering learning environment.

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At New Trendz Barbering At New Trendz Barbering Academy, we offer clients the chance to enjoy top-notch hair and styling services at a budget-friendly rate, providing invaluable experience for our students. Rest assured, our well-trained students deliver fresh and stylish cuts, ensuring a trustworthy and affordable grooming experience for all. Join us in supporting the growth of skilled professionals while getting a great look at a great price.

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