Lynn Jones started in the beauty industry in the late 90s. She always had the desire to “do hair”. After my son completed 5th grade, in my mid-thirties, I enrolled in Beauty School. My desire and determination lead me to finishing less than a year. After completing Beauty School the rest was history. I love the fact that I have a chance to touch someone’s life everyday while going to work. We can impact people in a huge way, and give them confidence about themselves. Coming to a beauty salon helps people to relax, and forget about what is going on in life. I have had many wonderful experience, and opportunities in the industry. 

 One of my most heartfelt experiences has been watching kids growing up, going to college, and coming back home for a “hair do”. It is so amazing how young adults that were kids still remember something that I said to help encourage them throughout their lives. I know just how much we as beauty professional can impact a life every day! My goal now is to continue giving back to the industry by producing, professional, compassionate, and skilled leaders for our industry.

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